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I’m Nerijus Reminas, freelance portrait and wedding photographer based in Cork. Last 9 years our family lived in Kerry. Just recently our family has moved to Cork. Throughout number of years meeting loads of incredible and creative  people in Kerry and Cork I have developed certain creative style in my photography. Being inspired by fashion industry, I like implement elements of that to my photography.

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I have an amazingly supportive wife, and two adorable kids. Who bring me joy. They also give me deeper understanding of true meaning of happiness being husband and father. That gives me more motivation to capture warm and natural moments of life.


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Q: ''Where will we have our shoot?''

A: I am mostly natural light photographer. So in general it is up to you to chose location where you would like to be photographed. If its family session usually a good choice is park, garden, beach etc. If it’s personal portrait session I would recommend city areas for interesting surroundings. You are not limited by mentioned options, and every individual may have different ideas or desires, so let’s talk and we can decide what’s best for you.

Q: ''How long will my session last?''

A: If it’s a general family session or portrait shoot, 90% of my shoots do not exceed 2 hours. Within that time we get good selection of images for you and cover variety of poses. If it is session that require special preparation it may require much more time, but all this is agreed in advance.

Q: “Do I/we need to prepare for a photo shoot?”

A: Well, by reading this you are already preparing. But if you are female I prefer that you would have quality makeup done same day. I target to do only best quality images so every small detail is very important to me. Same as you expect the best looking images. If you are male: being well groomed is a good start 🙂 And also for all of you, good mood is must 😉 It’s my priority number one how person feels during a shoot, emotion is a key in my images. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Q: “How soon will I/we get our images?”

A: I always target to deliver images as soon as possible. The glance of your initial images may be available within few days of our shoot. But general turnaround for portrait and family sessions is 1-3 weeks. Weddings and special photo shoots may require more time for extensive editing. So that would be agreed before the shoot.

Q: “Can I have originals of images? Or can I edit them myself?”

A: Unfortunately not. You will be delivered only edited images and they should NOT be altered in any other way. It is against the law to alter creators images in any way without consent.

Q: “Can I post images on social media platforms?”

A: Yes you can. But bare in mind: You will receive 2 copies of images (with logo and without), you are free to use images on Facebook, Instagram, etc. ONLY with logo on them. This is due to copyrights. So images should not be cropped or altered in any way to conceal logo. They also should not be applied with any additional filters etc. They are also web optimized for best quality. Images are for personal use only and should not be used for commercial purposes (printing, advertising, re-posting on social business pages and platforms) unless this is greed in writing.

Q: “Can I print images?”

A: Yes you can. Second copy of images that you receive are full resolution and print ready, so you can print them freely.

Q: “Can you travel to my desired location?”

A: Yes of course. I love exploring new locations, however if your location is outside 30km radius from Cork, additional charges may apply. Please contact me so I can quote you best available rate.

Q: “What if I/we need to reschedule session?”

A: I am a father of two little kids so fully understand that circumstances happen. So please let me know as soon as you can or no later than 48 h prior shoot and I will do my best to accommodate you on next available date. Same apply to weather, since this is Ireland in general I track weather forecast  few days before shoot and if needed we can arrange alternative plan.

Few small things you should also know before the shoot

  • Probably you found me by seeing my work of your friends on social media. Or you liked my work in some way. I would advice you that best of my work is always featured online, yours may be also published on my online/social media gallery. If you would like not to be featured in any online gallery please advice me prior the photo shoot.
  • If the photo shoot or event exceeds more than 5 hours, I would require a time gap to have a lunch 😉
  • Please familiarize with my work in portrait and wedding portfolios also on my Facebook page before booking me. Every person is individual and unique, so final result may depend on your ability to pose, location, time of a day and season. I always strive to achieve only best results so both parties are satisfied. As mentioned above feel and emotion is key number one in my photographs.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.